The main objective of the institution/trust is to resolve the problems of the general public and try to get the concerned government and non-government departments selflessly done.

Human Right

To give complete information about the right to information to the public.


To work for the welfare of the unprivileged widows and the destitute.


Establish a vocational training institute for skill development.

Corruption Free Nation

To eliminate corruption in the government departments and non-government departments, to awaken public awareness and make every effort to end corruption.

Animal Love

Establishment of animal shelter cowsheds, Panjrapol Jawadiya institutions for the service and care of animals and birds, provide support, maintenance and support.

Human Service

To organize young people and encourage them for human service, for this purpose, organizing blood donation and medical camps across the country and assisting the organizers.

End Crimes

Bringing public awareness to end crimes and making efforts to end crimes and awakening people to stop crimes.

Consumer Protection

Awakening the public for consumer protection. Providing counseling in family matters and motivating the parties to resolve pre-peaceful matters.

Medical Assistance

To provide medical assistance to widows and helpless families. Working for women safety and women empowerment.


Arrangement of scholarship for poor students, payment of books fees, encouraging students. Working for the rights of journalists. To construct and operate old age homes for the elderly.

Assistance and Relief

To provide assistance and relief to the needy people suffering from natural calamities like famine (famine), hurricane (cyclone) earthquake, flood, arson epidemic etc. and to provide donations and other assistance to organizations engaged in such relief operations.

Awareness Campaign

Human Trafficking, Medical Negligence, Protecting the Rights of Prisoners and Prisoners: To run an awareness campaign for the prevention of drugs, to awaken the public about the consumption of drugs and the harm caused by them.

Development of Agriculture

Farmers and villagers To awaken the people for the development of agriculture and promote organic agriculture and awakening the public in relation to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and environmental protection, motivating unemployed women and men to be self-reliant by training them and making them self dependent.

Improve in Public Institution

Today, for the use and benefit of the public, hospitals in India, medical colleges, hostess institutions, dispensaries, child welfare centers and / or similar institutions should be set up, developed, maintained and given in cash or in kind.

Development of Education in Schools

It was for the use of students / staff as well as for the establishment of research and other institutes in the field of education and providing operational support and support for the dissemination of knowledge to the general public and for the growth and development of education in schools, colleges, reading rooms, universities.

Constitutional rights.

To inform the general public about their fundamental rights and constitutional rights. To protect human rights and to educate and awaken the public for this.

Rights of Children

To protect the rights of children and for their all-round development, to propagate legal education and legal Raising awareness, making public aware about health programs and giving complete information about it;

Rights of Poor People

Making poor children, women aware of the rights of poor people and providing legal or social relations, striving for strengthening in relation to education, water environment etc.